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<February 2019>
2/18/2019  -  Job Club: Ethical Behavior
2/19/2019  -  Computer Skills Club: Computer Basics
2/20/2019  -  Job Center Services Orientation
2/21/2019  -  A Click Away - Using Your G-mail Calendar
2/25/2019  -  Job Club: Communication Styles
2/26/2019  -  Computer Skills Club : E-mail Basics
2/27/2019  -  Job Center Services Orientation
Showing Events for 2/18/2019

Job Club: Ethical Behavior
Held at the Door American County Job Center located within the offices of We Are HOPE, Inc.
Cherry Point Mall - 1300 Egg Harbor Rd. Suite 124 - Sturgeon Bay, WI
Event Date:   February 18, 2019 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Job seekers come together to discuss new job opportunities, employment search techniques, challenges and share job leads.  In addition, an Employment Specialist will discuss with the group different job search process strategies that will help you in your job search and employment retention