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Alan told his story
describing how the staff at HOPE
gave him the tools to reach for the stars and achieve his dream of
gaining employment
 in the face of opposition.

At a News Conference in August of 2013, Alan was asked to say a few words about his experience with at the Door County Job Center, a program managed by We Are HOPE, Inc. and funded by the United Way of Door County. 

He said, “For myself I have had a troubled past to say the least!  I don't believe I was ever a bad person, I was miss directed. Because of those influences I made some awful choices in my past. So when I finally found myself and went out looking for my future I was met by opposition, because of my actions in the past.

When I walked into the Job Center I was greeted with a warm smile, and courteous eyes and it was a welcomed change of pace. When I went in I told them what I wanted for myself and just how willing I was to reach for what I now believed in.”   

He went on to say that his caseworker gave him the tools to build that dream.  He said, “With the help and compassion of those at the Job Center, I am now working two jobs, and I actually enjoy them! Huh go figure. I finally have two feet on the ground and for me that's a big deal.”  When asked why he was willing to share his story with us he remarked, “I wanted to thank you for the amazing hearts you have.”  

Our organization gave this young man hope. 
It’s what we do…Helping Others Prosper and Excel!